Freed Fine Art

Wedding/Event Painter  

Whether you're planning a wedding or hosting some other special event, one sure way to leave a lasting impression or create the perfect gift is to experience the unique and meaningful process of live event painting.
   Simply let me know when and where and I'll arrive on the scene with easel, canvas and paints ready to paint your special event as it happens.
   Guests will be intrigued and often amused to find themselves the subject of an original oil painting. Please feel free to contact me for details and pricing concerning this one of a kind

Bride and Groom Comments- Prescott Wedding 

   "Our painting captures the beauty and color of our wedding. It is our favorite keepsake from the event and a unique reminder of one of the best days of our lives! The experience was both engaging and unique, one that our guests were able to be part of and enjoy. It was a special component that captured the moment and will undoubtedly be a well-loved and cared for family heirloom.                                                               

                                                                              -Kelsey Prescott, Bride

"Plans to hire a wedding painter were kept secret from my wife and I. It was an awesome surprise to see a painter at our wedding!  Everybody has photos of their wedding, but having an artistic interpretation of one of the most important 30 minutes of my life...incredible!" 
-Brian Prescott, Groom