Freed Fine Art
State Flower of Colorado

                     Artistic Statement

  Sometimes while painting, I am convinced that the painting is painting itself and I am a mere spectator. When I arrive at that place in my mind I am overcome with a profound clarity and  immeasurable joy that fuels my passion to create.
  Whether I am providing art instruction to children or adults, I always insist that the key to anyone’s success as an artist is the ability to remain true to yourself- There are no two people in the world who are exactly alike, not even identical twins. It stands to reason that any form of expression, not just art, has the potential to produce something completely unique.
  I have the greatest admiration for artwork that is singular in expression. The highest compliment anyone can pay to me as an artist is to say that my work is unique.
  Though I consider the fundamentals of drawing and painting to be important, my ambitions as an artist reside somewhere beyond the scope of line, form and color. My journey and my intent stretch inward to a place within the core of who I am as an individual.